For People With Disabilities: Family Roles

Family Focus on Self-Determination

Family focus on Self Determination is the fourth in the series of issues which will focus on specific topics: self-advocacy, employment, health, aging, family roles, and siblings.

It's My Future

It's My Future! by Bolding, Wehmeyer, and Lawrence is a National Gateway for Self-Determination publication useful for adults with developmental disabilities to prepare for their planning, individual habilitation, or person-centered planning meeting. Chapters address elements of self-determination to support choice and decision making, goal setting, and communication in meetings. In addition, It's My Future! supports setting goals in finding community supports for jobs, living arrangements, and leisure activities.

What is Self-Determination and Why is it Important?

What Is Self-Determination and Why is it Important? - Updated
"What is Self-Determination and Why is it Important" is part of a multi-media product consisting of a print-based, 16-page full-color publication and an accompanying web-presence that elaborates on stories and themes introduced in the print publication. The product, both print and web-based, provides a user-friendly, attractive introduction to self-determination and its importance in the lives of people with developmental disabilities by relating the stories of self-advocates, as well as their family and support staff.

National Gateway to Self-Determination Booklet

This booklet provides an overview of the activities of the NGSD project, highlighting and detailing activities such as the development of task forces and the currently available products. It also describes the beliefs behind the NGSD project and lists self-determination resources for both professionals and families.

Advising Through Self-Determination

This guide provides advisors with a variety of resources, from general information regarding disability and advocacy to specific examples of activities that promote self-determination. Multiple organizations and individuals contributed to this guide, providing first-hand information from detailed traits of effective advisors to advice from both advisors and self-advocates.