For People With Disabilities: Health

This is Your Life! Creating Your Self-Directed Life Plan

This workbook can help you figure out what you want out of life and how to get there. It will help you make plans for your own life, with supports of your own choosing. Some common goals are: 1) to make a friend, 2) to find a better place to live, 3) to get a job or a better job, or 4) to go to school. This workbook can help you accept that you are a WHOLE PERSON, with many ideas and goals. This is true no matter what hard times you’ve had or are still having.

My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility

My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility is an eight session curriculum-based group training program focusing on advocating for healthy choices on a daily basis. The emphasis is on gaining knowledge to make informed choices and the skills and tools needed to speak up for good health. Topics include being a self-advocate at medical appointments, physical activity, nutrition, being safe and healthy at home, and feelings. Participants learn the material through discussions, exercises, and visual aids.

My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility iPad App

My Health, My Choice, My Responsibility is AbleLink’s cognitively accessible self-directed learning App designed for self-paced learning of eight important topics necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Self-Determination and Health

Self Determination and Health is the third in the series of issues which will focus on specific topics: self-advocacy, employment, health, aging, family roles, and siblings.

The Arc's Self-Determination Scale

The Arc's Self-Determination scale is a measure designed for adolescents and young adults with disabilities to determine to what degree the individual is acting as the primary agent of his or her life. A manual to help ensure the scale is used correctly provides a guide for use and scoring of The Arc's self-determination scale.

Teaching Self-Determination in Alaskan Schools: A Toolkit for Educators

The self determination toolkit was developed for teachers, parents, students, and others who are interested in promoting self-determination within school, home, and community settings, The primary audience is special educators, although information can be used by professionals in other settings. The toolkit contains 13 lesson plans on various elements of self- determination that can be used in conjunction with a subject class or as a stand alone session.

National Gateway to Self-Determination Booklet

This booklet provides an overview of the activities of the NGSD project, highlighting and detailing activities such as the development of task forces and the currently available products. It also describes the beliefs behind the NGSD project and lists self-determination resources for both professionals and families.