For People With Disabilities: Life Stories

Varian's Story

Varian - Willimantic, CT

Varian talks about employment, and the different places he has worked - along with the jobs as well. He also describes how this affected his self-advocacy and what he determined for his own life.

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Tonya's Story

Tonya - Austin, Texas

Tonya has a very powerful story. In this video she talks about moving from Chicago, Illinois to Austin, Texas. She outlines the steps she took to make sure the move was successful and then discusses the things she did to become a part of her new community, such as acting and dancing. She also talks about a "New Self-Advocacy" that is about being comfortable with who you are.

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Shameka's Story

Shameka - Albany, New York

Shameka tells about the Miss Wheelchair program and how it empowers women who utilize wheelchairs to develop superior public speaking and advocacy skills.

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Pam's Story

Pam - Longview, Texas

Pam tells of how she became her own guardian, and how that aided her in being more self-determined and more free in her own life decisions.

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Oscar's Story

Oscar - Philadelphia PA

Oscar discusses Self Advocates United, an advocacy group started by and for self-advocates to teach legislative activism and to speak out on issues that are important to all self-advocates. A part of Self Advocates United, entitled Visions for Equality, aids specifically in this effort, promoting rights for people with disabilities.

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Mike's Story

Mike - Trenton, Missouri

Mike tells his story of political advocacy to remove the r-word from the Missouri State governments' agencies, departments and all legislative correspondence.

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Lindsey's Story

Lindsey - Edmond, Oklahoma

Lindsey is a self-determined individual with her own home, job, car, and interests, such as ballroom dancing, of which she participates in various competitions.

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