Employment and Self-Determination

Kris - St. Charles, Missouri

"Employment and Self-Determination" is the second in a series of topic-related videos for the National Gateway to Self-Determination. Self-advocates tell in their own words why self-determination is essential for employment and how it has impacted their own experience in the workplace.
Kris talks about his employment, being self-determined when it came to finding a job, and a unique dating experience.

Timothy - St. Charles, Missouri

Varian - Willimantic, CT

Tim talks about his job, where he lives, and how it empowers him to be self-determined in his life.
Varian talks about employment, and the different places he has worked - along with the jobs as well. He also describes how this affected his self-advocacy and what he determined for his own life.

Cole - Lawrence, KS

John & Juliana - Phoenix, Arizona

Cole is a self-advocate who has a great definition and experience of self-determination. He talks about getting a job, being a home owner, and caring for his dog--all examples of living a self-determined life.
John talks about his story of being hired, after persistence and advocating for himself.

Johanna - St. Charles, Missouri

Jackie - Florence, South Carolina

Johanna is an active self-advocate whose self-determination shines, whether it be through her job or her community activism.
Jackie talks about different living situations, and what has worked for her in the way of self-determination when it comes to employment and family.