Person-Centered Planning

A Good Life

  • This book, a future planning guide by Al Etmanski, includes information on wills and estate planning, supported decision-making, circle of support development, and alternatives to legal guardianship. It looks “beyond contemporary social and rehabilitation services and programs to support our family members.” The book is intended to be utilized by families, persons with a disability, and service providers for future planning.

Life Planning for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

  • This book is a comprehensive guide to resources that parents or other family members can use to support an adult child or other individual with developmental disabilities for whom they provide care. The author, Judith Greenbaum, begins by providing information on how to assess the quality of life of an adult with a disability. She also offers a number of suggestions for increasing quality of life. The book then focuses on long term planning. Worksheets are included to help families develop their specific plans. Bookstore index:

Quality Mall: Person-Centered Services Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities

  • Quality Mall currently has 2,613 products and services to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities improve their quality of life. Stores and Departments in the Mall organize positive practices and programs, while live moderated chats provide an opportunity to connect with other individuals. The Stores range from the Community Center , which offers information about programs that encourage fun, friendship and intimacy, to Quality Cinema, which offers slide shows, video clips, and presentations illustrating approaches to improving quality of life. The individual departments detail everything from home ownership to faith and spirituality.

Communication for Person- Centered Planning

  • This booklet contains practical guidance for improving communication in person centred planning. It provides examples and simple tips to follow, including advice regarding planning meetings, choice making, and how the environment affects communication. It also includes a checklist to summarize the information and a list of additional resources.

Person-centered Active Support: A Handbook

  • This tool was designed to help individuals with disabilities learn the strategies necessary to implement person-centered support. It also teaches professionals, trainers, support staff and families how to support individuals with disabilities and promote skills to enhance their lives. Topics range from the background of person-centered support to practicing leadership behavior and skills. It can be purchased online at the link above.

What Really Matters: A Guide to Person Centered Excellence

  • The Council on Quality and Leadership has created a series of guides for effective person-centered planning. These tools aim to increase improvement in services and supports for people with disabilities. The guides allow individuals the opportunity to address his or her interests, concerns and ideas when searching for supports and services. It offers person-centered assessments and planning as well as practices to promote quality in all aspects of an individual’s life.

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URL: Application for Services for Older Adults:

URL: Application for Services for People with Mental Illness and People with Substance Use Disorder:

Person-Centered Planning Research, Practice, and Future Directions. Holburn, S. & Vietze, P. (2002).

  • This unique book shows the challenges and benefits person-centered planning can bring and provides you with creative strategies for making it work. More than 40 experts will show you the best ways a team can get to know an individual’s interests and dreams to help that person recognize lifelong potential.

The Future is Now: A Future Planning Training Curriculum for Families and Their Adult Relatives with Developmental Disabilities

  • Factor, A., Debrine, E., Caldwell, J., Arnold, K., Kramer, J., Nelis, T., & Heller, T.

  • Through this engaging curriculum families and their adult relative with a disability learn the skills to plan for the future by laying out their aspirations and identifying the necessary steps to achieve these goals. With the support of their mentors, participants turn dreams into reality. Developed by the RRTCADD, this curriculum serves as an exceptional resource for family organizations, advocacy groups and agencies. The third edition includes an expanded resource list as well as a user-friendly CD-ROM. Cost Per Unit: $70.00 (Softcover) + Shipping

Express Yourself! Assessing Self-Determination in Your Life

  • This survey is designed to help individuals find out how much self-determination they have. Individuals will read several statements about life choices and pick which statement describes their current situation. This survey will increase individuals' awareness of their ability to make their own choices.

This is Your Life! Creating Your Self-Directed Life Plan

  • This workbook is designed for people with disabilities who want to make life plans. It helps people who do not want to be defined by their illness figure out how to achieve life goals. These individuals want to live self-directed lives and this manual will show them how.

Planning for Life: The role of direct support professionals in Self-Directed Supports

  • This guide offers families as well as direct support professionals tools for implementing self-determination skills into individuals with disabilities. It offers advice on how to discover what people want and how they can achieve their goals.

Charting a Course for the Future - A Transition Toolkit

  • This toolkit helps students and families plan for life after high school. It includes information and tools needed to create an individualized plan for the transition process of students with disabilities. It also includes strategies for goal-setting and career development skills.