Essentials for Cross-Disability Accessible Cell Phones

  • This paper addresses the accessibility of cell phones and offers advice regarding the necessary components. It offers recommendations and techniques gathered from consumers, researchers, and others.

BridgingApps: Bridging the gap between technology and people with disabilities

  • BridgingApps provides useful reviews of apps for children of all abilities. The apps, or applications, are interactive programs for the iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Android that range from “Shape Builder – the Preschool Learning Puzzle Game” to “Model Me Going Places,” a visual tool to help children navigate the community. BridgingApps reviews include information on the skill levels of the app, the developer description, a demonstration video, and comments from members who have used the app to help children with special needs. These reviews help users explore apps based on skill rather than age; while the BridgingApps community allows members to share success stories and find support.

RoboBraille: Free Conversion from Text to Audio, or Text to Braille

  • RoboBraille is a free online service that converts documents into Braille or audio files. To use RoboBraille, individuals simply email the document as an attachment, and it will be returned in the specified, accessible format.

Living Safely

  • AbleLink Technologies recently introduced Visual Impact Living Safely for the iPad. Specifically created for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities, this application is a self-paced and self-directed instrument to help individuals learn vital home and personal safety information in hopes that they will gain the skills required to live independently in all aspects of life. Some of these skills include: Doing Dishes by Hand, Internet Safety, Fire Safety and Strangers at Home. It can be purchased through the iPad App Store for $34.99. A general description is on the AbleLink home page

Everyday Skills

  • AbleLink Technologies, the leader in cognitive support technology, recently announced a new application for the iPad. Everyday Skills offers 40 skill sessions focused on independent living. These skills include learning how to access community transportation, going to the grocery store, taking care of pets, going to the doctor and many more useful daily activities which can be challenging for individuals with disabilities. This application can be purchased through iPad App Store for $49.99. A general description appears on AbleLink’s home page

Community Sidekick

  • AbleLink Technologies recently released Community Sidekick, an application on the iPhone that allows individuals with disabilities to send automatic location updates to family, friends or caregivers throughout the day as the individual moves about in the community. This application sends e-mail messages with Google Map links of exactly where the individual is to ensure he or she is safe. It also provides prescribed e-mail messages such as, “I am OK,” “Please contact me,” and many more to allow the user to send a message at the touch of a button. The Sidekick application can be found under “AbleLink Technologies” on Apple’s App store and costs $9.99.


  • AbleLink Technologies, recently introduced WayFinder. This software program supports people with intellectual disabilities by helping them access and navigate community transportation successfully. By using a GPS tracker along with audio and visual cues, WayFinder gives directions to the user so he or she can accomplish everyday tasks without having to rely on others using selected GPS-equipped SmartPhones.

A Free Technology Toolkit for UDL in All Classrooms

  • Created by Karen Janowski and Joyce Kasman Valenza, this webpage includes an amazing number of free materials that support learning for students (and adults). A listing of AudioBooks has multiple links available to share information on audiobook applications, free of charge. Some categories include: Literacy Tools, Writing Tools, Research Tools, and many more useful resources for all classrooms.