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Professional Development
Research to Practice in Self-Determination        
Issue 1: Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy
Issue 2: Self-Determination and Employment ✔      
Issue 3: Self-Determination and Health      
Issue 4: Family Focus on Self-Determination      
Issue 5: Self-Determination and Aging
Issue 6: The Impact of College on Self-Determination
White Papers
Accessing Social Capital: Implications for Persons With Disabilities       
Practice Guides
Promoting Self-Determination: A Practice Guide       
Promoting Self-Determination for Adults: A Practice Guide      
Papers on Scaling-Up Efforts to Promote Self-Determination
Paper 1: A Social-Ecological Approach to Promote Self-Determination       
Paper 2: Personal Self-Determination and Moderating Variables that Impact Efforts to Promote Self-Determination       
Paper 3: Self-Determination Across the Life Span: Issues and Gaps       
Paper 4: Lessons Learned in Scaling-Up Effective Practices: Implications for Promoting Self-Determination within Developmental Disabilities       
National Gateway to Self-Determination Releases
10 Steps to Independence: Promoting Self-Determination in the Home     
Advising Through Self-Determination      
Getting Involved in Research       
It's My Future   
It's My Future iPad App
National Gateway to Self-Determination Booklet      
Self-Determination and People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: What Does the Research Tell Us?       
What is Self-Determination and Why is it Important to People with Disabilities?     
What is Self-Determination and Why is it Important?      
UCEDD Self-Determination Self-Assessment Checklist