Research to Practice in Self-Determination Series

A series of issues which will focus on specific topics: self-advocacy, employment, health, community services, aging, family roles, and siblings.

Issue 1: Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy

"Promoting self-advocacy is important to the development of the self-determination of people with developmental disabilities. Self-advocacy skills enable people to express their preferences and keep someone else from making decisions about and for them. Strong self-advocates are causal agents in their own lives; they cause things to happen to make their lives better.  Self-determination and self-advocacy are critical in empowering people with developmental disabilities."

Find an accesible video version of each of the articles of Issue 1: Self-Determination and Self-Advocacy HERE.

Issue 2: Self-Determination and Employment

"The articles in this Research to Practice in Self-Determination Issue on Employment provide information about innovative supports, important federal and national initiatives, and personal stories pertaining to the role of promoting self-determination as a means to employment and the importance of employment to enhanced self-determination."

Issue 3: Self-Determination and Health

"This Research to Practice Guide will focus on the potential of promoting self-determination in health which has only recently been explored as a means of reducing the ongoing and significant health disparities experienced by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD)."

Issue 4: Family Focus on Self-Determination

"Families are the core unit in our society, serving as a source of support for each member. For individuals with disabilities, the role of family is unique and often central in the support and care provided across the lifespan. Family members play key roles in identifying and securing opportunities for one another to meaningfully participate in their community, beginning at a very young age and often continuing into adulthood. Families also play a significant supporting role as people within their family unit progress in their journey toward self-determination."

Issue 5: Self-Determination and Aging

"Throughout this publication we provide examples highlighting the importance of hearing the voices of adults aging with developmental disabilities and providing them adequate supports and opportunities for them to age well and to live self-determined lives."

Issue 6: The Impact of College on Self-Determination

"This edition of Research to Practice in Self Determination is a joint product of the Think College Consortium for Postsecondary Education for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and the National Gateway to Self Determination. The issue explores the interdependency between self-determination and postsecondary education and reflects the many impacts each may have on a students’ path in life."