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Michael L. Wehmeyer, Ph.D.
Self Published
Publication Date: August 1995

Direct Support Professionals, Educators, Professionals, individuals with disabilities


Self-advocacy, Goal-setting, Self-sufficiency, Personal Responsibility, Problem Solving, Coping, Decision-making, Self-regulation, Self-management, Independent Living, Social Effectiveness, Social Competency

Promotes Inclusion (school, work, community), Helps Identify Personal Preferences

Health and Safety, Home and Community Living, Relationships, Self-advocacy and Leadership


The Arc's Self-Determination scale is a measure designed for adolescents and young adults with disabilities to determine to what degree the individual is acting as the primary agent of his or her life. A manual to help ensure the scale is used correctly provides a guide for use and scoring of The Arc's self-determination scale.

How the Product was Developed

The Arc's Self-Determination Scale was designed to facilitate student involvement in educational planning by providing a way to measure elements of self-determination.

The Arc's Self-Determination Scale was normed with 500 students in five states.

How the Product was Implemented

Basic assessment principles, use of manual is suggested.

Professional staff, Direct support staff, teachers


The Extent to Which the Product has Been Used

Shared without cost through direct requests and website.

Used extensively in research and educational practice.

The Scale has been used nationwide and is translated into a number of different languages to enable use in other countries.

The Extent to Which the Product or Approach has Been Evaluated


  • User satisfaction studies




Resources for: People with Disabilities | Professionals | General

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