Radio Appearance on KCUR's Central Standard

On April 11, Dr. Michael Wehmeyer and Dr. Carl Calkins, co-principal investigators, National Training Initiative, National Gateway to Self-Determination, spoke on the radio show Central Standard on KCUR in Kansas City about self-determination and NGSD.

Dr. Wehmeyer, Professor of Special Education and Director of KU’s Center on Developmental Disabilities and Dr. Calkins, Director, UMKC Institute for Human Development at UMKC talk with us about their research on self-determination and the proposed Self-Determination Center they are advocating for. We will also hear from Dr. Kathy Fuger of UMKC to discuss disability issues for children. The group focuses on issues surrounding self-determination with disabled people, meaning giving those with physical or mental disabilities the tools to take control of their own life.

Listen to the entire program on the KCUR website.

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