Steps to Self-Determination: A Curriculum to Help Adolescents Learn to Achieve Their Goals

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  Sharon Field
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Sharon Field & Alan Hoffman
Publication Date: 2005
Cost: Complete Program - $139; DVD - $63; Student Activity Book - $45

Educators, Parents, Professionals


Problem Solving, Coping, Goal-setting

Increases Use of Personal Skills, Educates Others About SD , Supports Friendships, Social Networks

Person-Centered and Student-centered Planning, Relationships, Self-advocacy and Leadership, Transition


Sessions designed to help adolescents learn how to set their own goals and deal with problems when they come up during transition.

How the Product was Developed

Students of transition age were involved in field testing the curriculum.

Research studies have affirmed the utility of this curriculum.

How the Product was Implemented

No additional training is required, an Instructor's guide is included. One must read the guide and follow directions and suggestions embedded within the curriculum in order to effectively use "Steps".

Family members, Direct support staff, Professional staff

Computers, Materials/Handouts

The Extent to Which the Product has Been Used

It has been published by Pro-ed in book format, with an included DVD. An additional student activity guide is included.

The instructor's manual gives a lot of information to support use of Steps to Self-Determination.

This curriculum has been used throughout the United States and beyond.

The Extent to Which the Product or Approach has Been Evaluated


  • Quasi experimental-control group studies (without random assignment to groups)
  • Pre-post outcome studies


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Steps has been evaluated in numerous studies, listed above.


Resources for: Families | Professionals | General