The Self-Determined Career Development Model

The Self-Determined Career Development Model was designed to provide people with disabilities the knowledge and skills they need to compete for jobs they want with the potential for career advancement, higher wages, and benefits. The Self-Determined Career Development Model's purpose is to enhance consumer self-determination in order to better identify their job and career goals, develop an action plan to achieve those goals and to evaluate and modify that plan. With increased self-determination skills, people with disabilities will self-direct their vocational planning and decisions related to career changes with less reliance upon service systems.

Teaching Self-Determination in Alaskan Schools: A Toolkit for Educators

The self determination toolkit was developed for teachers, parents, students, and others who are interested in promoting self-determination within school, home, and community settings, The primary audience is special educators, although information can be used by professionals in other settings. The toolkit contains 13 lesson plans on various elements of self- determination that can be used in conjunction with a subject class or as a stand alone session.


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