SUCCESS in Telling Your Story

The purpose of this training series is to teach self-advocates, family members, and service providers how to effectively tell their personal stories. It is based on the belief that a well-told story is the best way to communicate our ideas, connect with others, advocate for our needs, relieve stress, change lives, and stimulate action. At the National Gateway to Self-Determination, we want to help people strengthen their self-determination. One of the ways that people can do this is by learning to talk about who they are, what they need, and what they want—by learning to tell their story.

Feel free to use the materials presented here in your own meetings, trainings, or on your own to teach yourself or others to create your/their own story to share with others.


Facilitator's Guide

Feel free to download the Facilitator's Guide to use at your own training. It includes:

  • A photo of each slide from the Prezi version of the presentation.
  • Tips for effective delivery of the presentation.
  • A script for the presentation.
  • Links to videos featuring self-advocates telling their stories.
  • Worksheets to help trainees develop their stories.
  • A training session evaluation form.

Training Videos

Introduction Worksheet

Simplicity Worksheet

Unexpectedness Worksheet

Unexpectedness Worksheet


Concreteness Worksheet


Credibility Worksheet


Emotions Worksheet


Stories Worksheet