People's Stories

April, a self-advocate from Vermont, talks about her sense of fashion and her story of self-determination.
Arnold describes how a specific problem with a narrow-minded - and foul-mouthed - bus driver turned into an opportunity to practice self-determination and advocacy for others.

Brittany talks about friends, how to make them, and how to stay in touch using various forms of technology.
Carmen, a self-advocate from Arizona, describes her relationship with her husband and how she chooses to live her life.

Chad, a self-advocate, describes how he was able to take control of his own life through various organizations in his area and the power of self-determination.
Chester brings a unique perspective to self-determination by discussing his marriage, work, and caring for his children.

Cole is a self-advocate who has a great definition and experience of self-determination. He talks about getting a job, being a home owner, and caring for his dog--all examples of living a self-determined life.
Elizabeth describes different social activities, and how she remains self-determined with others.

Ellen describes problems and solutions when dealing with transportation when you have a disability.
George describes his work to eliminate the r-word from the Wyoming state government.

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