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Self-advocate Grant shares his own personal mantra: a prayer he recites in his thoughts that promotes positivity.
Jackie talks about different living situations, and what has worked for her in the way of self-determination when it comes to employment and family.

Jennifer discusses how she helped her friend Tim and his issues through her advocacy.
Johanna is an active self-advocate whose self-determination shines, whether it be through her job or her community activism.

John talks about his story of being hired, after persistence and advocating for himself.
John, an Indiana self-advocate, tells his own story and his views on self-determination and independence.

Justin tells his amazing story and how he persevered when others told him he couldn't do what he has come to do as of today.
Katie discusses how a human services co-operative works – and how it is working for her and her community.

Kris talks about his employment, being self-determined when it came to finding a job, and a unique dating experience.
Laura discusses her own personal self-determination as it relates to her education, and working towards a college degree.

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