People's Stories - Page 3

Lindsey is a self-determined individual with her own home, job, car, and interests, such as ballroom dancing, of which she participates in various competitions.
Meghan talks about finding her own place to live, and how she used self-determination to assist in her search for housing.

Mike tells his story of political advocacy to remove the r-word from the Missouri State governments’ agencies, departments and all legislative correspondence.
Nancy discusses her previous living conditions and how she lives independently advocating for herself.

Oscar discusses Self Advocates United, an advocacy group started by and for self-advocates to teach legislative activism and to speak out on issues that are important to all self-advocates. A part of Self Advocates United, entitled Visions for Equality, aids specifically in this effort, promoting rights for people with disabilities.
Pam tells of how she became her own guardian, and how that aided her in being more self-determined and more free in her own life decisions.

Samuel describes how to be healthy while aging, and why wisdom grows with age – and that they younger generations should listen to that wisdom.
Shameka tells about the Miss Wheelchair program and how it empowers women who utilize wheelchairs to develop superior public speaking and advocacy skills.

Susan talks about advocating with People First, making change on the legislative level, and helping others in her community.
Terry tells about his relationship with his fiancé, including the dates they go on and much more.

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