What is Self-Determination and Why is It Important to People with Developmental Disabilities?

Classes Written and Presented by Michael Wehmeyer

Section 1: Expectations

Section 2: Defining Self-Determination

In Section One Dr. Wehmeyer discusses the expectations that are held for people with developmental disabilities as well as setting expectations for self-determination in their lives.

In Section Two, Dr. Wehmeyer discusses the definition of self-determination--“just another word for a life filled with rising expectations, dignity, respect, and opportunities.”

Section 3: Self-Caused Action

Section 4: Enhancing Personal Capacity

In Section Three, Dr. Wehmeyer discusses how self-determination is not about being in control but rather is about causing things to happen in one‘s own life.

In Section Four, Dr. Wehmeyer demonstrates how self-determination enhances the personal capacity of people with developmental disabilities.

Section 5: Ray's Story Questions

PDF Outline of the Lecture

Title Page of the Publication

In Section Five, Dr. Wehmeyer answers the question, “What is self-determination and why is it important?” using the life story of Ray Gagne. Dr. Wehmeyer‘s lecture concludes with a question and answer session.

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